Senin, 20 Oktober 2014

Ricky Febrian

PolyClock� World Clock 6.6.1 APK

PolyClock� World Clock android
Download �PolyClock� World Clock 6.6.1 apk for free.�PolyClock� World Clock is tThe world-class world clock. Day, night, and timezones at a glance on digital & analog clocks, map and globe. Timezone troubles solved with PolyClock's exclusive daylight clock technology.

�Try it and see why this is considered one of the best world clock apps out there.� - Lets Talk Tablets, 11 Must Have Business Apps for your Android Tablet
�Ideal for business users, the app allows you to schedule meetings and set alarms for any time zone so you can avoid confusion when travelling for work.� - Techrepublic, 20 top Android apps for business users
�It looks superb and enables you to break down all aspects of the clock� - The 2011 Android App Guide (magazine)
�BEST world clock app I've used by far. Widgets are creative & informative.� - gbrown321
�Ability to scroll forward or back to calculate timezone differences is a huge benefit.� - Patrick
�UI friendly, great graphics, use it everyday.� - Phillip
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