Selasa, 24 Juni 2014

Ricky Febrian

Zenfone 5 Install International WW ROM Tutorial

  1. Go to Here (Driver and Tools > OS Android and Download the lastest version of WW ROM same with your zenfone 5 type T00J/T00F)
  2.  After download done, extract file, you will receive a zip file. Rename zip file to: 
    • If current rom is TW: rename zip file to
    • If current rom is CN: rename zip file to
  3.  Wipe Data (tutorial Here)
  4.  Copy  ROM ZIP file to the root directory of phone memory ( that is placed directly under the root directory of the phone  not on any folder ) , remember not to decompress 
  5.  Un plug your cable, (may be wait about 30s) => you will receive update notification. Touch it to update :)

    - make Sure your zenfone > 20% energy (or you should charge your phone). If not, may be you will not receive any update notification
    - After up other rom (your zenfone is CN up to WW rom, TW up to WW or CN up to TW rom) your zenfone will not update through OTA :( (to update, you must go to asus download center to download and manual update)

    If error/can't change to WW : Follow this step