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Download Snap Camera HDR v5.4.0 Full Apk

Yang Baru Update 22 Oktober 2014
New icons and layout
High frame rate support
Show gps staus
Silent shutter and 4K video for lg g2
English language setting
New settings menu layout with android L style checkboxes
Optional flash charging sound
Horizon Indicator (use the adjustment setting if indicator is not level)
Zero Shutter Lag support on some devices
Headset button can be used for shutter
Themes for Dark, Light and Material Design
New menu animation and menu icon on preview screen

Snap Camera HDR adalah aplikasi tambahan untuk akselarasi kamera android anda dengan menggunakan fitur HDR agar hasil pengambilan gambar kamera android anda lebih baik dibandingkan dengan mode normal. Dengan Snap Camera HDR, anda dapat mengambil gambar kualitas HDR lebih cepat tanpa harus mempreview hasil jepretan kamera android anda, tidak seperti fitur HDR bawaan ponsel android anda.
Snap Camera HDR versi terbaru ini sudah menggunakan UI ala android 4.4 kitkat, so tampilannya lebih dinamis dan elegan. Tentunya bila anda menggunakan aplikasi Snap Camera HDR, sebaiknya kamera perangkat android anda menunjang alias kualitasnya bagus, agar aplikasi ini berjalan dengan baik.
Snap Camera has a simple, powerful user interface featuring:
* Touch to focus
* Pinch to zoom
* Swipe to review
* Long press to adjust photo settings with the photo controller.
The photo controller includes settings for:
* Colour and Contrast (if supported by the hardware).
* Silent Shutter
* Burst Mode
* Self Timer
* Stable Shot
* Panorama mode
* Flash mode
* Whitebalance
* Exposure
* Grid lines
* Fast picture mode
* Additional Settings
The additional settings menu gives you access to many extra settings.
* Picture and Video Size
* Scene mode
* Self Timer delay
* Burst Mode settings
* Time Lapse
* Still and Video Focus Modes
* JPEG Quality
* Effects
* Anti-banding
* Scene Detection
* Video Bitrate, Format and Codec
* Audio Settings
The photo editor lets you:
* Enhance Details
* Enhance Contrast (Ambiance)
* Denoise
* Add colour effects
* Add a border
* Crop, Rotate, Mirror
* Straighten
* Add image effects
* Histogram Modification
* Vignette

Snap Camera HDR - screenshot  Snap Camera HDR - screenshot
Snap Camera HDR - screenshot  Snap Camera HDR - screenshot

Developer               : Marginz Software
License / Price        :25.000
Size                          :  4mb
Size / OS                  : 
Android 2.3.3 and up
Last Updated          : 22 Oktober 2014

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