Minggu, 13 Juli 2014

Ricky Febrian

Personal Finances APK Free Download

Personal Finances android app
Manage your personal finances by best finance management android app. Personal Finances apk application can manage your credit cards, Categories Budgets, Expense reports and receipts reports etc.

  • Splitted expenses; 
  • Calendar of forecast expenditure; 
  • Information of current month on the home screen; 
  • Find out what has to spend on security; 
  • Notifications of revenues and expenses payable receivable; 
  • Report to find out what your best month of purchase; 
  • Your information saved in the cloud, with restore backup;

It's simple, fast and easy! Also you can try finance management android apps like Expense TrackerYNAB (You Need A Budget)My Budget Book apk.
Personal Finances android app screenshots

What's New Personal Finances apk

  1. PIN Security
  2. Update Fonts
  3. Update spacing and dimens
  4. Update icons
  5. Improvement in performance when accessing database

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