Jumat, 13 Juni 2014

Ricky Febrian

Asus expected to provide official ROOT


First ZenFone 5 LTE will support wireless charging. ASUS will launch a large number of peripheral products in the fourth quarter ZenFone position whereby the consumer may be able to resolve the difficult situation to buy accessories.

Meanwhile, ASUS also confirmed the DIY ZenFone, further details have yet to be news, but I think ASUS will be announced at the Computex 2014.

In the ROM section, ZenFone in June can be expected to provide official ROOT of ROM, confirm that there will be two versions, one for unlocking, while the other is restored to use, while the official sponsor will assist in the development of third-party developers are not the same ROM to attract the attention of users.

In addition ZenFone, Asus also promised PadFone 2 can be upgraded to Android 4.4, in addition PadFone Infinity also upgrade to ZenUI, but the time was not announced.