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Special Force First Mission APK Free Download

Special Force First Mission is an korean FPS android action game with amazing HD graphics gameplay. You can download apk and data files from download links at the bottom of the page, but the game is in the KOREAN language. Read the game story line below:

The Republic of Korea allies secretly bombs, a type of 'neutron bomb' and rocket propulsion 'M20 screw' is complete. 'Dolomite' the 'Black Hand' by the organization is trying to rob the Republic of Korea as a diplomatic issue one control all the media, that the hostages from terrorists disguised as justification of an unofficial mission 'Ghost' and 'Phantom' directed which makes ...
Watch Special Force First Mission Trailer:

Special Force First Mission Game Features

  • Easy to move the law provides a convenient UI 'fire' to maximize the fun!
  • Cover, including cover features realistic graphics!
  • Passing through the radio voice of colleagues, etc. adds realism!
  • Swipe features realistic battle action!
  • You can select the desired mode and difficulty free! 
1) To quell the terrorists 'Story Mode'

  • Urgent mission briefing which each scenario!
  • When you complete the stage with fierce engagement provides a rich reward!

2)  Ability to compete with your friends 'ranking mode'

  • Location of enemy attacks by (wave) sequentially sweep!
  • Unlike traditional attacking style combat Defense genre!

3)  General' and 'Hell' difficulty providing

  • With a variety of weapons in the game to buy the goods acquisition, consolidation, let the combination!
  • A variety of achievements, including firearms and enjoy the game content that is full of fun!


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Download Special Force First Mission APK

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Special Force First Mission Game Installation Instructions:

  1. Install APK
  2. Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ (Here)
  3.  Launch Special Force First Mission and enjoy.