Sabtu, 10 Agustus 2013

Ricky Febrian

Tapatalk 4 Pro v4.5.2 apk Free Download

Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader apk
Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader is an new completely rewritten version of Tapatalk for Android. Looks great on newer Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Beans.  Tapatalk is the only mobile app combing over 50,000+ internet communities with a streamlined mobile experience, allowing you to share and follow thoughts, photos, opinions to all your communities within a single mobile app. Tapatalk aggregates content from network of communities of common interests, from automotive to parenting, from gardening to horse-riding - You will meet passionate people who share the same interest and participate in great discussions on topic only you and the like-minded members truly appreciated.
Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader (August-8- 2013) apk screenshot

Tapatalk 4 Pro Features:
  • 100% Android native look and feel
  • Super-fast navigation with sliding menu to join to different sections and forums
  • Swipe to change pages - reading long posts has never been easier!
  • Great photo and video experience with in-app YouTube Player
  • New Photo Editor powered by Aviary - add filter, resize and crop photos before you post
  • One-click photo sharing with Tapatalk, no more attachment or upload to other third party websites
  • Save battery power with Push Notification service - get notified of forum updates
  • Many Advanced Settings for forum junkies
Watch a hand on review of Tapatalk 4 Pro below:

    What's New In Tapatalk 4 Pro v4.5.2:

    1. Fixed major lagging issue when switch pages
    2. Fixed launching the app from a url issue
    3. Fixed enter protected forum require password every time issue


    Download Tapatalk 4Pro v4.5.2 apk