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NotifierPro 9.6 Android APK Free Download

NotifierPro 8.7 Android APK
Download NotifierPro 8.7 apk app for android without waiting from zippyshare. NotifierPro can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications.
  • NotifierPro 8.7 apk displays non-intrusive notification banners for any app on your device.
  • You can swipe the notification to the right to dismiss it, to the left to dismiss all notifications, or click it to launch it.
  • Numerous themes are available.

Some Testimonials:
  • NotifierPro really does make Android's notifications better �, Lifehacker (May 2012)
  • NotifierPro is unique �, AndroidSpin (May 2012)
  • If you're looking for customizability, this is it �, Android Police (Apr 2012)
  • NotifierPro makes your notifications even better �, Tested.com (May 2012)
Watch a quick video of NotifierPro 8.7 below:
What's New In NotifierPro 8.7 APK:
  1. Now dismissing a notification from the app will dismiss it from the status bar (except SMS and missed calls for now)
  2. New setting : "Dismiss from status bar"
  3. The accessibility service is replaced by the new notification access feature
  4. Dismissing a notification from the status bar will cancel its reminders (All above features will work only on Android 4.3! )
  5. Added a proximity feature to prevent the screen from waking up
  6. New about page
  7. Updated translationsNotifierPro 8.7 Android Screenshots

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Download NotifierPro 9.6 Android APK (6.46 MB)