Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Ricky Febrian

Dark Avenger 1.3.2 Android Hack/ Cheat Mod Offline APK

Dark Avenger Android Hack/ cheat
Dark Avenger Android Hack
Download hacked/ modded Dark Avenger apk and enjoy Unlimited money. Dark Avenger, the premiere mobile Multiplayer Online Role- Playing Game! Play the Archer and shoot your way towards immortality!

Game Features

  • Dark Avenger now has 2 available classes: Templar the melee warrior & Archer the long-ranged shooter
  • Participate in dynamic, strategic battles in Boss Raid and Death Match mode!
  • Brilliant 3D Graphics featured in Full HD with Dynamic Lighting!!
  • Side Camera View feature added for dynamic gameplay!
  • 3 players can simultaneously play in the Boss Raid mode!!
  • Different rewards are available based on contribution!!
  • A user can join anytime in 3:3 network PvP battle!!
  • Accumulate wins/loss & kills/deaths to compete in the weekly ranking!!
  • Infinity Tower: Hunting Never Stops?
  • Play against the best players around the globe every week!!
  • Reach the highest floor and become the best warrior!!
  • Semi-targeting system allows players to experience the maximum effect! 
  • Combine full effects and skills in a devastating combo to fend off multiple enemies!
  • New game mode will be added!
  • New features in Boss Raid and Death Match modes will be added!!
  • New stages/weapons/armors/items will be added!!
dark avenger android hack

What's New In Dark Avenger 1.3.2:
  1.  Removed Christmas Theme
  2. Improved Shop UI

      Download Dark Avenger Hacked APK

      Download Dark Avenger v1.3.2 Android Mod apk (Offline & Unlimited Money)

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      Note: You will get 1000 XP for One Hit, Offline gaming and Unlimited Gold Coins.
      • No Root Needed For This hack, Just install apk and play. If yuou already have any previous version of this game you need to uninstall it before installing this one.
      • You will get unlimited money/ gold etc and play offline by downloading first apk 
      • If you download Dark Avenger 1.2.8 Unlimited Gold+ 5000 XP For One Hit Mod APK you will get 5000 XP for just a single Hit. 
      • We changed the Gems visual looks, so it looks like 9999999.