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Ricky Febrian

KK Launcher Prime 4.99 APK (Unlocked Prime Features)

kk launcher prime apk
KK Launcher Prime unlocks all the Prime features of KK Launcher. KK Launcher, is the most polished, highly customizable, latest Android experience launcher; Smooth, Rich features, NO ADS. KK Launcher is the TOP 3 launcher that you may try, it aim to let users' device has latest Android experience and be more powerful and playful, now it keep updating to latest Android L (Android 5.0)

KK Launcher Prime features:

  • More gesture: Swipe up, Pinch in, Pinch Out, Double Tap
  • More Icon Theme support
  • Transparent Status Bar Clone
  • Drawer folder
  • Drawer with A-Z side bar
  • Drawer and Desktop transition effect
  • 1*1 widgets on dock
  • Dock icon gesture
  • Bulk add for folder
  • More Unread Counts/Notify (Gmail)
  • Folder background option
  • Sidebar background option
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KK Launcher Prime FAQs

1. KK Launcher base on Android 4.4 launcher(keep updating to latest Android L), while Nova Launcher,Apex Launcher base on 4.0 launcher; so KK launcher inherit the HUGE improvement from Android 4.4 KitKat launcher; and KK Launcher have 20+ unique features, such as Launcher Sidebar, Vertical Drawer with category, Double tap to turn off screen, etc

KK Launcher Normal Features:

  • Android L theme -- Keep updating to latest Android 5.0
  • Ok, Google -- Enable OK Google from all KK Launcher screens(require Android 4.4); Support swipe right to Google Now
  • Support icon theme -- Find 1000+ of launcher icon pack from Google Play Store
  • Highly customization -- Have 200+ of launcher options to tune your devices
  • Handy Sidebar -- Include handy memory cleaner; Quick toggle; Favorite apps; Recent apps 
  • Sidebar can be launched from everywhere
  • Translucent status bar -- for Android 4.4 devices, and Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note2/3 etc 
  • Launcher Desktop -- Change grid size and text size; Wallpaper scrolling; Infinite scroll
  • Launcher Dock -- Multi dock pages; dock icon number
  • Launcher Drawer -- Create folder; Hide app; Sort app; Quick A-Z bar; Change grid size
  • 3 drawer style -- Horizontal; Vertical; Vertical with category
  • 4 drawer sorting -- Sort app by name, by install time, by customize, by most use
  • 4 UI size mode -- Small, Medium, Large, Extra large
  • 15 gestures -- Double tap to turn off screen; Double fingers gesture; Dock icon gesture, etc
  • 16 transition effect -- for Desktop and Drawer scrolling
  • 3 live wallpaper effect -- Parallax effect; Blur effect; Multi-wallpaper
  • Folder -- Change max rows/columns, background and preview style
  • Transparent status bar clone for Android 4.0-4.3
  • Unread Counts/Notifier
  • Support edit icon
  • 1*1 widgets on dock
. Re-size any widget
. Backup and restore launcher setting and launcher layout
. Import launcher layout from other launcher
. Include Android L theme

kk launcher prime apk screenshot

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The above KK Launcher(Android L Launcher) apk is patched with KK Launcher Prime 1.0 apk. So no need to worry about license verification.