Senin, 22 Juli 2013

Ricky Febrian

Carnival Toss 3D 1.2 Unlimited Coins Mod apk For Android

Carnival Toss 3D hack
Download Carnival Toss 3D 1.2 Mod apk app for android without waiting from zippyshare or mediafire. Carnival Toss takes the traditional Ring Toss game, a staple of county fairs, carnivals, and arcades, to the next level! In Carnival Toss 3D, you are presented with three bottles and a bundle of rings. You must carefully choose your angle and the correct force to land the rings over the bottles and complete each challenge. Animated by the best available game physics, the ring hefts, flies, and falls, just like a real ring would. Make contact with the bottle, and the ring will arc, slide, or bounce off the side. Carnival Toss is great game for kids and adults! Complete various challenges to unlock harder levels, and more diverse environments, then share your success with friends on Facebook!

Carnival Toss 3D Features:
  • Fun and entertainment guaranteed
  • Lots and lots of challenges 
  • Force indicator and angle indicator to help you perfect your throw
  • Challenge indicator to show how many more rings needs to be landed
  • Share your progress with friends on Facebook
  • Coins rewarded daily so come back often!

How to Play  Carnival Toss 3D:
  • Aim at the bottle and swipe your finger towards the bottle (Note: Placing your finger at the center of a bottle will enhance your accuracy). Keep your eye on the force indicator to make sure you don�t under or over-shoot
  • Review the number of rings to land on each bottle and other remaining challenge stats by clicking on the Challenge Button
  • Consume the minimum amount of rings to gain the maximum reward
  • Use coins you�ve won to unlock new levels and environments
  • You can always unlock new environments by purchasing coins (This apk mod give you unlimited coins, So you can unlock all environments without spending a penny)

Carnival Toss 3D 1.2 Mod apk

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